aCROSS the world Vol.2

Buon giorno! Hi, everyone!


We are PR girls at the Office of the President of Crossmedia Group.


We’re so excited to share with you our photos and memories on the same exact day before we met each other! That’d be so cool to find out where we were and what we were doing on the other sides of the world. 

この‘‘aCROSS the world‘‘ の連載では海外留学経験のある私たちが同じ日にどこで何をしていたか、記憶に残っていることをコメントと一緒にシェアしていきたいと思います。海外に行きたくても行けない今、皆さんに少しでも海外を近くに感じていただければ幸いです。

Okay, so Pam! I’m so curious to see the male figure on your photo. Can you tell me about it?


In 2018 I was in Japan studying at Sophia University. I was doing a really interesting part time job. I was working as an extra in Japanese TV series or saigen-dramas and I have appeared on many major television channels, such as Fuji terebi or Nihon terebi.


Exactly 3 years ago like today, I was in Niigata shooting a video about a plane crash. In the dressing room there was this very funny (and a bit creepy) Indiana Jones’ figure.


Wow I’m pretty sure only a few people knew you were on TV! That’s so cool!


Haha thanks! How about yours? So you were in the track team?


Yes. I was a student athlete and distance runner who ran 3k or 5k for indoor and outdoor seasons and 6k for cross country. This is the team photo and every season we took a group photo. I ran 6 different seasons and I couldn’t pick only one as favorite because every season had different types of joy. 


When this photo was taken, we just started indoor season and it was soon after I joined the team and started my athletic career. I was the only Japanese in the team so they seemed to have a hard time interacting with me for the first couple months but gradually I felt closer to them. It was a good season. I can literally talk forever about my experience on the team so I’ll stop now. 


Yeah we got a lot to talk haha



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