Across the world Vol.3

Hi! It’s me, a PR, Luca. Today I would like to take you to Italy where my soulmate/coworker Pam comes from. 


So Pam, the Pizza looks amazing. Is it a handmade one?


Yes, my mom made it. She usually makes 12 pizzas. Every Sunday is pizza day at De Santis’. It’s a team work: my mother makes the pizza, my father bakes it, my brother sets the table, and I work as a taster to make sure everything is good!haha

そう!お母さんが作ったよ。いつも一度に12枚のピザ焼くの。毎週日曜日はDe Santis家の「ピザの日」。チームワークでピザの準備をするよ!お母さんはピザ作り、お父さんはピザを焼いて、弟はテーブルを用意するんだけど、私はね、味見役!ちゃんとうまくいってるか確認する大事な役割(笑)

When mom prepares the pizza, it always seems that the entire Italian army has been invited but it’s actually just the four of us, and sometimes my cousins or my grandmother too.


We usually prepare 12 of them, all different. My favorite is the one with Nutella.

We eat until our bellies beg us to stop and find there is no leftovers. 




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